API Trading

FIX (Financial Information Exchange) API (application programming interface) is an electronic communications protocol developed for the real time exchange of trade-related information. Customers, who are not satisfied with existing trading platforms because of limitations of current interfaces and a desire to cross-connect with liquidity provider, prefer to use FIX API connection platforms.

FTD enables its customers to reduce the cost of aggregating multiple liquidity while attempting to reach tight spreads on a wide selection of world’s most trading markets. Our FIX API solution also supports almost all types of algorithmic and automated trading strategies

Forex Trading Broker provides FIX API connection by using its advanced technology and resources available.


Cutting edge price engine technology on volume-based fees. (FIX) protocol enables accepted and placed orders over secure communication channels with greater connectivity among market participants. All configurations do not require a software restart in order to take effect.


Connect and utilize directly to our third-party proprietary FIX API solution. Test and automate your trading strategies. Customers receive locally formed and sourced liquidity with lowest latency. Connections are readily facilitated with our servers on high profile data centers.


We use well-selected of bank and non-bank market makers and their multiple regional liquidity pools to deliver our services. Customers get the best possible price available in the market.

Account Management

View your account balance, available margin, current active orders, open positions and historical trades in real time with integrated MT5 account. Generate high level of customization and bespoke reporting.


Execute trades with your own algorithms or trading systems within full range of currencies, commodities and CFDs.

For further information please contact our API specialist at info@ftdsystem.com to express your interest in partnering with FTD.